EURELECTRIC Secretariat Agenda

With a view to further enhancing the transparency of its activities, EURELECTRIC publishes here an overview of meetings held with high-level officials of the EU institutions. Key papers and documents discussed at these meetings are linked below (for more, please also visit our publications webpage).

Date Location EURELECTRIC met Subject(s)
17/10/2017 Brussels, Belgium Gunnar HÖKMARK, MEP, ITRE


25/09/2017 Brussels, Belgium Grzegorz RADIEJEWSKI, Member of Cabinet "Jobs, Growth, Investment and Competitiveness; Friedrich-Nikolaus VON PETER, Member Cabinet Transport; Silvia BARTOLINI, Member of Cabinet Climate Action & Energy; Carsten BERMIG, Member of Cabinet Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs", EC

CO2 standards for cars and vans; Decarbonisation of transport

19/09/2017 Tallin, Estonia Estonian Presidency

Market Design

05/09/2017 Brussels, Belgium Luděk NIEDERMAYER, MEP, ITRE

Present EURELECTRIC amendments on risk preparedness  and the broader market design files

20/07/2017 Brussels, Belgium Karlis GOLDSTEIN, Estonian Permanent Representation

Clean Energy Package

28/06/2017 Brussels, Belgium Martina WERNER, MEP, ITRE

Hearing regulation Art 5-8

14/06/2017 Strasbourg, France Paul RÜBIG, MEP, ITRE

Clean Energy Package

14/06/2017 Strasbourg, France Martina WERNER, MEP, ITRE

Clean Energy Package

13/06/2017 Strasbourg, France Gunnar HÖKMARK, MEP, ITRE

Clean Energy Package