Upcoming Events

  • Power Markets in Transition: why do we need a new Market Design? EURELECTRIC Conference | Brussels, 06 May 2014
    The adoption of the 20-20-20 energy policy framework and the decarbonisation vision for Europe by 2050 have led to a fundamental transition process with far-reaching impacts on European power markets. How can we set the EU on a path towards a greene… Read more

  • DSO Declaration EURELECTRIC Conference | Brussels, 22 May 2014
    Some years ago, 2014 was set by EU Member States as the deadline for completing the internal energy market. As this deadline approaches, the Commission is consulting with stakeholders to assess the progress made to date while identifying the missing… Read more

  • EURELECTRIC Annual Convention & Conference 2014 EURELECTRIC Annual Convention and Conference | London, 02-03 June 2014
    EURELECTRIC is organising its 2014 Annual Convention and Conference on 2-3 June in London. Hosted by Energy UK and entitled "Building Trust in the New Energy World", this two-day event will examine short and long-term actions to be addressed by… Read more

  • Europe's Eight Energy Region: how to get investments right? EURELECTRIC Workshop | Brussels, 28 October 2014
    EURELECTRIC, in cooperation with Energy Community sets up a one day workshop to address the investment challenges and options for improvement for 'Europe's Eighth Region'. The latter consists of the ENC member states of South East Europe, but also U… Read more

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