Deploying Smart Grids for Customers & a Carbon-Neutral Europe

20-21 October 2011

Marriott Hotel, Rue Auguste Orts 3-7, 1000 Brussels, Belgium

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Europe's future electricity system will be different from the present system configuration as its physical and market infrastructures will have to keep pace with the decarbonisation of the European society and with customers' changing needs. Particularly, it is widely expected that the smooth integration of Renewables Energy Sources (RES) and of a more active and flexible demand in distribution grids calls for a fundamental change in the network design. This transformation will lead the way towards Smart Grids.

Smart Grids will significantly enhance the resilience of distribution networks to intermittent intake and will provide the tools needed by DSOs to perform a smarter network management. Moreover, a smart infrastructure will also lead to new business opportunities for competitive players as it will serve as a market platform for stronger demand side participation. Customers will increasingly manage and adjust their consumption (energy savings and energy shifting/shaving) on the basis of responses to real-time information and dynamic price signals. New products are expected to appear on retail markets.

This event, bringing together high-level energy industry experts and policy makers, will review Smart Grids project results and will investigate how the deployment of intelligent grids can be further facilitated by regulators and policymakers. Against the background of the proposed Energy Efficiency Directive, workshop participants will also discuss how to achieve a more energy efficient end-use by customers and, overall, a more responsive demand side.

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