European Power Trends 2011-2012

07 December 2011

Marriott Hotel, Rue Auguste Orts 3-7, 1000 Brussels, Belgium

EURELECTRICs Energy Policy and Power Generation Committee invites you kindly to it's first annual conference. The event will revisit the main trends of the year, and will give an outlook into 2012, gathering key speakers from the industry, the European institutions, and experts.

The main questions to be addressed are the following:

  • how to get investments right, when they are urgently needed but that the market is distorted, and the policy framework unstable, customers worried about increasing electricity prices, back up capacity needed for coping with increased variable Renewables...?
  • how to foster RDD and innovation in the energy system?
  • what is the particular situation of each generation technology? CCS, does it advance? What about Nuclear after the Fukushima accident? Hydro- how to develop the still available potential? Gas- a new dash in sight? What about Renewables, and their competitiveness?
  • how does the upcoming legislative agenda in Brussels look like for 2012? And how does the outgoing Polish presidency assess energy policy successes; how does it pass on to the Danish presidency?
  • what are the trends revealed by Power Statistics 2011, beyond the fact that electricity demand has caught up again with pre-recession levels?

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