Hydro in Europe: Powering Renewables

26 September 2011

Renaissance Hotel, Rue du Parnasse 19, 1050 Brussels, Belgium

As the largest renewable energy source in Europe, hydropower, a multifunctional technology, is the backbone of an integrated renewable system. It is also the most efficient and affordable electricity generation technology. With its capability to ease imbalances between demand and supply, it is already important to our electricity system today and will become even more important tomorrow with increased presence of variable generation from renewables such as wind and sun. Nevertheless, hydropower has been barely referred to when it comes to the promising technologies to manage the current transition of our electricity system.

The conference will address the following issues:

  • Where is hydropower in the EU energy policy?
  • Why hydropower is needed in the electricity system in transition? (evidence from case studies)
  • What is hydropower`s potential in Europe and what can it offer to ease integration of variable renewables?
  • What is needed for rapid deployment of hydropower potential?

The debate in the policy panel with representatives from the European Institutions and the industry will crystallize what is needed and what can be done to raise hydropower`s profile in Europe.

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