Renewables to the European Market!

10 November 2011

Marriott Hotel, Rue Auguste Orts 3-7, 1000 Brussels, Belgium


As part of the decarbonisation shift up to 2050, more than one third of the European Union's power will need to be generated from renewable energy sources (RES) in 2020. The take-off of RES technologies such as wind and solar will result in a profound transformation of Europe's energy system. It represents an exciting investment opportunity for the power sector but will also pose unique challenges.

Over the past one and a half years EURELECTRIC has been working on its Renewables Action Plan (RESAP), a comprehensive industry strategy on renewables. Divided into 13 task forces, the strategy has addressed the opportunities and challenges of RES development, with a focus on the 2020 time horizon.

The conference "Renewables to the European Market!" will outline the results of EURELECTRIC's Renewables Action Plan and of the 13 policy projects performed by our experts under the RESAP umbrella.

What are the key requirements and actions to make the 2020 RES target happen? What are the challenges on the way and where are the solutions? These are the central issues that will be discussed at this one-day conference, which will bring together high-level energy industry experts and policymakers alike.

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