Transmission and Distribution Technology

12 October 2011

EURELECTRIC Meeting Centre (6th floor), Boulevard de l'Impératrice 66, 1000 Brussels, Belgium

Renewable energy sources are currently the main drivers for grid development. On the one hand, large-scale wind (and later probably also solar) power generation will affect development on the transmission level. On the other hand, intermittent renewable energy sources require changes in the design of distribution networks.

Which technological options for transmission are currently (or in the near future) available and how will they impact markets, generators and DSOs? What are the technological possibilities to improve market integration of new renewables (e.g. "Supergrid")? Which are the latest distribution technology trends? How will "smart transmission" interact with "smart distribution"?

The purpose of this event is to gather views on these topics within our membership coming from various parts of the energy value chain. EURELECTRIC invited in particular our Business Associates to share with our Members their expertise on technologies they can offer for distribution and transmission.

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