Achieving the Energy Union? Member States & the power sector in the spotlight

19 November 2015

Albert Hall, 9 Avenue Eudore Pirmez, 1040 Brussels, Belgium

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European Commission Vice President Šefčovič, confirmed as keynote speaker

The Member States shape the Energy Union and to a large extent determine the investment framework which underpins Europe’s future energy system. The power sector has a key role in taking the concrete measures which contribute to the achievement of European and national policy goals. The conference will examine the State of the Energy Union and address the next steps to achieve the Energy Union, including measures at the EU level, the Member States’ role in the process, and the power sector’s contribution.  Member States’ political commitment to the regional cooperation and the European energy market is crucial for the further integration of the electricity market, and ensuring the development of renewables and security of supply. Successful examples, as well as barriers for cooperation, will therefore be presented and discussed.

This EURELECTRIC conference, co-hosted by PKEE, will take place immediately after the publication of the State of the Energy Union report and will offer a chance to discuss: How should Europe’s energy future be further defined? How can the necessary investor confidence be achieved?

Join us for a stimulating debate with high-level representatives from the European institutions and industry.

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