Reflections on the European power sector: Policies for an effective transition

14 December 2015

Renaissance Hotel, Rue du Parnasse 19, 1050 Brussels, Belgium

Confirmed speakers: Antonio MEXIA, President EURELECTRIC; Marie DONNELLY, Director DG Energy, European Commission; Peder ANDREASEN, President ENTSO-E; Giles DICKSON, CEO EWEA; Oluf ULSETH, CEO Energi Norge; Kamel BEN NACEUR, Director IEA; Annette LOSKE, President IFIEC

The power sector is undergoing one of the most transformative changes in its history. A convergence of factors, including accelerated technological change, business model modifications driven by shifting consumer preferences and expectations, as well as the evolving EU energy policy and climate agenda, provide unprecedented challenges and important opportunities for the power sector.

This EURELECTRIC conference will offer insight into how the power sector is responding to the significant transition happening today based on statistical findings within all five dimensions of the Energy Union. It will outline the efforts carried out by the power industry in adapting to these changes with the aim of delivering continuous safe, affordable and cost efficient electricity supply to its customers. This transition also provides an opportunity to evaluate polices and institutional structures that support this aim and relate to ongoing debates on the completion of the internal energy market, security of supply, renewables and the achievement of Europe’s decarbonisation objectives.

In particular, the unique role of the power sector to lead the drive to decarbonise the European economy, and the perspectives for long-term solutions after 2020, will be debated in light of the outcome of the COP21 UN Climate Change Conference, as well as the upcoming December European Council meeting. What do we take from the Paris Conference and what effect will it have on the European policy agenda looking forward? What are therefore the key recommendations of the power sector for the 2030 Climate and Energy Framework and specifically for its governance system?

Join us for stimulating debates with high-level representatives from the European institutions and industry.

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