Winter Package Impact on DSOs

07 November 2016

Marriott Hotel, Rue Auguste Orts 3-7, 1000 Brussels, Belgium

Innovation incentives in DSO regulatory frameworks, the new DSO role and the concept of a new "DSO entity" are key topics in the new energy market design. As the European Commission prepares its ambitious legislative initiative for the end of this year, this conference will be a unique opportunity to hear forward-looking views from high-level speakers on these issues. On this occasion, EURELECTRIC will present its views on innovation incentives for DSOs, electric vehicles charging infrastructure and electricity storage.

Moreover, EURELECTRIC would also like to exchange views with relevant stakeholders on the European Commission’s announcement during the 31st EU Electricity Regulatory Forum of a creation of an EU-level DSO entity that will provide the expertise for driving the new EU electricity market. EURELECTRIC is highly interested in following the developments of such an entity and therefore intends to engage all involved parties in this event.

Event Location