Past Events

  • EU-Japan Workshop on the Power Sector Transition EURELECTRIC Seminar | Tokyo, 11 September 2013
    Europe and Japan are in the midst of a transformational change of their energy sectors.  The electricity sector is at the heart of this transformation and policies being considered and implemented in Japan and the EU will play a crucial ro… Read more

  • EU Electromobility Stakeholder Forum Green Emotion Event | Brussels, 24-25 June 2013
    This two day event will update electric vehicle stakeholders on the latest findings and advances from Europe's largest electromobility project Green eMotion, as well as look forward to what is planned as part of FREVUE the electric urban freight… Read more

  • Air Quality & Domestic Heating Green Week - EURELECTRIC Event | Brussels, 06 June 2013
    Emissions from small scale space and water heating, in particular related to oil, coal and biomass, are an important source of particulate matter (PM) in Europe. Together with households, commercial and institutional buildings have been identif… Read more

  • EURELECTRIC Annual Convention & Conference 2013 EURELECTRIC Conference | Bologna, 03-04 June 2013
    Europe urgently needs an innovation strategy that increases its competitiveness.  Innovation in the energy sector is particularly important in the current economic climate and can contribute to more than just the delivery of energy and climate target… Read more

  • Powering Innovation - Empowering Utilities! EURELECTRIC Conference | Brussels, 14 May 2013
    Europe's power sector is subject to complex change, fascinating innovation opportunities, and constraints, ranging from low carbon transition, RES development, market design, new technologies, new independent power producers, new investors from indiv… Read more

  • Power Choices Reloaded: Europe's Lost Decade? Lunch Debate | Brussels, 13 May 2013
    In March 2009, sixty-one Chief Executives of electricity companies representing well over 70% of total EU power generation signed a Declaration committing to action to achieve carbon-neutrality by 2050. The declaration of 2009 was immediately followe… Read more