Past Events

  • Powering Innovation - Empowering Utilities! EURELECTRIC Conference | Brussels, 14 May 2013
    Europe's power sector is subject to complex change, fascinating innovation opportunities, and constraints, ranging from low carbon transition, RES development, market design, new technologies, new independent power producers, new investors from indiv… Read more

  • Power Choices Reloaded: Europe's Lost Decade? Lunch Debate | Brussels, 13 May 2013
    In March 2009, sixty-one Chief Executives of electricity companies representing well over 70% of total EU power generation signed a Declaration committing to action to achieve carbon-neutrality by 2050. The declaration of 2009 was immediately followe… Read more

  • Hydropower: A European Asset EURELECTRIC Workshop | Brussels, 19 February 2013
    Hydropower is the largest renewable energy source (RES) in Europe. It is a highly efficient and competitive electricity generation technology. With its flexible capability to ease imbalances between demand and supply, it is already important to … Read more

  • Green Light for RES? Innovative Solutions to switch off the Red Light on the European Distribution Grid EURELECTRIC Workshop | Brussels, 12 February 2013
    The growth of renewables represents a huge challenge for the development and operation of power distribution grids in Europe. Some of them are already feeling the strain today - and this situation will only intensify in the coming years, as ever… Read more

  • Power Statistics and Trends 2012 Lunch Debate | Brussels, 24 January 2013
    How will electricity demand develop in the years to come? Which power generation technologies are growing the fastest? Will Europe have enough capacity to keep the lights on? Reliable data are the basis for sensible policymaking. As European… Read more

  • Power Statistics and Trends 2012 Lunch Debate | Brussels, 10 December 2012
    Power Statistics 2012 Edition gathers the latest available data from the electricity sector, including forecasts for up to 2030, for Europe at large, EU 27 plus the candidate countries, Switzerland, Norway, as well as, the Energy Community memb… Read more