Past Events

  • EURELECTRIC Annual Convention & Conference 2012 Malta, 04-05 June 2012
    The energy challenges confronting Europe and the world today require urgent and ambitious decisions by politicians and industry alike. While Europe does have a comprehensive energy and climate agenda, it will take decades to put our energy system ont… Read more

  • How to Integrate Renewables & Distributed Generation into European Networks? DSO Conference | Brussels, 03 May 2012
    As the share of variable RES increases, major challenges arise for both transmission and distribution networks and their optimal development and operation in the near future. As a matter of fact, renewables already represent a major challenge in… Read more

  • Electricity Storage EURELECTRIC Workshop | Brussels, 25 April 2012
    In the light of the development of renewables and distributed generation, electricity storage has recently gained political attention as a way to reduce carbon emissions, enhance security of supply through improving grid stability, and control t… Read more

  • Business Models to Promote Energy Efficiency Services: Lessons learned from the electricity sector EURELECTRIC Workshop | Brussels, 07 March 2012
    The vote on 28 February in the European Parliament has made clear the pivotal role that energy-end use saving schemes will play in implementing the Energy Efficiency Directive, once adopted. Energy companies will be called, directly or indirectl… Read more

  • Energy Roadmap 2050: Empowering Europe! EURELECTRIC Workshop | Brussels, 27 February 2012
    The electricity industry plays a pivotal role in delivering a low-carbon economy and society in Europe. With the publication of the Energy Roadmap 2050, the European Commission has thrown its weight behind the decarbonisation agenda and set out … Read more

  • Electricity Markets at the Crossroads: Which Market Design for the Future? EURELECTRIC Conference | Brussels, 19 January 2012
    The energy sector plays a pivotal role in combating climate change and adapting the economy to a sustainable carbon-neutral future. Whilst the electricity industry will deliver an important contribution to this objective, this will require prof… Read more