Past Events

  • Customer-Centric Retail Markets: A Future-Proof Market Design EURELECTRIC Workshop | Brussels, 07 December 2011
    As a key building block of the EU's internal electricity market, the development of well-functioning electricity retail markets is crucial to ensure that citizens fully reap the advantages of liberalised electricity markets and, in the near fut… Read more

  • European Power Trends 2011-2012 EURELECTRIC Workshop | Brussels, 07 December 2011
    EURELECTRICs Energy Policy and Power Generation Committee invites you kindly to it's first annual conference. The event will revisit the main trends of the year, and will give an outlook into 2012, gathering key speakers from the industry, the … Read more

  • Renewables to the European Market! EURELECTRIC Conference | Brussels, 10 November 2011
    As part of the decarbonisation shift up to 2050, more than one third of the European Union's power will need to be generated from renewable energy sources (RES) in 2020. The take-off of RES technologies such as wind and solar will result in a p… Read more

  • Deploying Smart Grids for Customers & a Carbon-Neutral Europe EURELECTRIC Workshop | Brussels, 20-21 October 2011
    Europe's future electricity system will be different from the present system configuration as its physical and market infrastructures will have to keep pace with the decarbonisation of the European society and with customers' changing needs. Pa… Read more

  • Transmission and Distribution Technology EURELECTRIC Seminar | Brussels, 12 October 2011
    Renewable energy sources are currently the main drivers for grid development. On the one hand, large-scale wind (and later probably also solar) power generation will affect development on the transmission level. On the other hand, intermittent … Read more

  • Hydro in Europe: Powering Renewables EURELECTRIC Workshop | Brussels, 26 September 2011
    As the largest renewable energy source in Europe, hydropower, a multifunctional technology, is the backbone of an integrated renewable system. It is also the most efficient and affordable electricity generation technology. With its capability t… Read more