Past Events

  • Deploying Smart Grids for Customers & a Carbon-Neutral Europe EURELECTRIC Workshop | Brussels, 20-21 October 2011
    Europe's future electricity system will be different from the present system configuration as its physical and market infrastructures will have to keep pace with the decarbonisation of the European society and with customers' changing needs. Pa… Read more

  • Transmission and Distribution Technology EURELECTRIC Seminar | Brussels, 12 October 2011
    Renewable energy sources are currently the main drivers for grid development. On the one hand, large-scale wind (and later probably also solar) power generation will affect development on the transmission level. On the other hand, intermittent … Read more

  • Hydro in Europe: Powering Renewables EURELECTRIC Workshop | Brussels, 26 September 2011
    As the largest renewable energy source in Europe, hydropower, a multifunctional technology, is the backbone of an integrated renewable system. It is also the most efficient and affordable electricity generation technology. With its capability t… Read more

  • One Voice Within One EU Market EURELECTRIC Workshop | Brussels, 12 September 2011
    EURELECTRIC Statement Member States united by interest, through the integrated European energy market, will naturally speak with one voice, on European external energy policy and as an actor in the global scene, on climate negotiations. One … Read more

  • Nuclear Perspectives after Fukushima EURELECTRIC Workshop | Brussels, 08 September 2011
    EURELECTRIC invites its members to participate in this internal workshop on nuclear in Europe. This event will focus on safety and stress tests, and on technology perspectives. We will also at the impact of the nuclear accident in Fukushima (Mar… Read more

  • Power Outlook and Capacity Changes after Fukushima EURELECTRIC Workshop | Brussels, 30 June 2011
    EURELECTRIC is delighted to invite you to its Power Outlook and Capacity Changes after Fukushima Event. Since March 11th, when the Tsunami and accident happened in Japan, governments have taken decisions- from no change like many Central Europe… Read more