Past Events

  • The Future is distributed: a DSO Perspective Joint DSO Conference | Brussels, 19 February 2015
    The energy transition corresponds to an unprecedented overhaul of the traditional power value chain. The development of decentralised generation transforms the traditional one way street from supply to demand into a, a bi-directional one, and bring… Read more

  • Investing in the future power system: what role for the energy union? EURELECTRIC Conference | Brussels, 28 January 2015
    As Europe is making material progress on decarbonisation, a new landscape is emerging. Since 2012, low-carbon technologies have represented more than half of the total electricity production in Europe and Member States are well on track to meet their… Read more

  • Friends, not foes. Customers, utilities and the unfolding retail (r)evolution EURELECTRIC Conference | Brussels, 04 December 2014
    Taking place a few weeks ahead of the deadline to complete the internal energy market (IEM) - the end of 2014 -, the conference will explore the final piece of the European energy puzzle: retail markets, their functioning and, critically, their impac… Read more

  • Europe's 8th energy region: investing to integrate Europe & ensure security of supply EURELECTRIC Workshop | Brussels, 19 November 2014
    The current concern with security of supply is regularly mentioning countries of Europe's South East as most vulnerable. How to address the lack of diversification, dependency, outdated infrastructure, the need for environmental progress: investments… Read more

  • RES and Security of Supply: Finding Market Solutions EURELECTRIC Workshop | Brussels, 08 October 2014
    Europe is moving to a low-carbon electricity system. The growth of renewables (RES), which is necessary to pursue the European decarbonisation agenda, brings a new reality to power systems. To ensure an effective transition, it is key to fully integr… Read more

  • Efficiency & Electricity: The Role of CHP EURELECTRIC Workshop | Brussels, 03 October 2014
    This EURELECTRIC event "Efficiency and Electricity: The Role of CHP" will focus on EU policy to improve energy efficiency up to 2030 and the contribution of CHP to energy efficiency and security of supply in the EU. This event will bring togethe… Read more