Past Events

  • Welcoming the Commission’s 2030 proposals: high road, or low road? EURELECTRIC Conference | Brussels, 13 March 2014
    EURELECTRIC has warmly welcomed the Commission's proposals on a 2030 framework for climate and energy: a framework which will be simpler, compatible with the internal energy market, and provide investor confidence through a strengthened EU ETS. This … Read more

  • Future electricity markets with or without capacity mechanisms: What does Europe say? EURELECTRIC Conference | Brussels, 12 December 2013
    EU electricity markets are experiencing fundamental changes as a result of the EU's policy goals, especially the 2020 renewables (RES) targets. With a growing share of RES, flexible and back-up generation are facing lower running hours and decli… Read more

  • Power Statistics & Trends 2013 Lunch Debate | Strasbourg, 10 December 2013
    Power Statistics and Trends presents a comprehensive analysis of the European electricity sector, based on up- to- date data and  2030 forecasts from 33 EURELECTRIC member countries. It provides an overview of the most significant deve… Read more

  • European Energy Policy 2014: State Aid, Guidance and what to expect in 2014 EURELECTRIC Conference | Brussels, 02 December 2013
    EURELECTRIC Annual Energy Policy Conference, with the confirmed participation of Joaquín Almunia (European Commissioner, DG COMP) and Johannes Teyssen (CEO of E.ON and President of EURELECTRIC) 2014 will be a year of significant change in Brus… Read more

  • DSOs as the Backbone of the Smart Energy System EURELECTRIC Power Distribution Conference | Brussels, 28 November 2013
    The growth of renewables, new uses of electricity and the advent of new electricity downstream represent challenges for the development and operation of power distribution grids in Europe. DSOs need the right framework to prepare for investments… Read more

  • Green eMotion External Stakeholder Forum Barcelona, 21 November 2013
    Green eMotion, the largest EU funded electromobility project, will hold its seventh External Stakeholder Forum as an extension of EVS27 at Fira, Barcelona. If you would like to get a better understanding of what is taking place to advance the… Read more