Barcelona Conference: Highlights of All Debates Now Available

30 June 2008

"Our conference, with its theme of Electrifying the Future: Building a Sustainable Energy Market, comes at a very timely moment, when the European Commission's proposals set out in the third liberalisation and energy-climate packages are going through the legislative process and we are seeing a strong commitment from all the EU Member States to drive forward with the ambitious objectives of the European Energy Strategy," said outgoing EURELECTRIC President Rafael Miranda as he welcomed 550 delegates to the Annual Conference in Barcelona.

"We have confirmed once again our belief that properly-functioning markets, in which customers have a real choice, are the best way to deliver a secure supply of energy to business and society in a sustainable manner," Lars Josefsson, the new EURELECTRIC President, reminded the delegates at the closing session of the Annual Conference. Mr Josefsson enumerated some of the key points discussed during the two intensive days in Barcelona and underlined his conviction that "when electricity is clean - emission-free - and the market works, electricity is most definitely a solution" to the many energy challenges facing the European Union - and the wider world.

Highlights of all the Conference debates can be found on the Barcelona 2008 EURELECTRIC Annual Conference website


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