Driving change: 15 pledges to customers

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An empowered customer is the cornerstone of the energy transition. Unfortunately, a large number of customers are still unaware or uncertain about the benefits of the transition for their budget and comfort, and, of course, for the environment.

Electricity suppliers are committed to become customers’ true energy partners in the energy transition. As a result of a one year process Eurelectric, with the support of Accenture and its members, set out to understand how to unlock customer empowerment in the energy transition, and has delivered 15 major pledges. These pledges are supported by the electricity industry across Europe with the aim to deliver a sustainable, inclusive and smart energy future to our customers.

15 Pledges To Customers Eurelectric Report Cover


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15 Pledges To Customers Accenture Report Cover


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15 Pledges To Customers Press Statement

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European electricity suppliers are committed to accompany citizens in the energy transition. They are developing a range of solutions to make sure that everyone can benefit from carbon neutral electric solutions and to facilitate the adoption of electro-mobility, energy efficiency services and renewable generation. Here are some examples of innovative services from European companies.


We went on a tour of Europe, interviewing innovative start-ups and customers about the energy transition.

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