Eurelectric has a well-defined structure of expertise composed of some 30 working groups, supervised by five committees. This structure ensures that input to Eurelectric's views comes from several hundred active electricity sector experts.

Eurelectric's Board of Directors determines our general work agenda, main policies and strategies. All Full Members of Eurelectric have one member and one substitute in the Board.

Our President is elected by the Board of Directors for a period of two years. Following the resignation of President Magnus Hall, former CEO of Vattenfall, the position was handed over to Vice-President Pat O'Doherty, Chief Executive & Executive Director of ESB. He is supported in this role by Vice-President Leonhard Birnbaum, Member of the Board of Management, E.ON SE. Together with the Secretary General, they determine the strategic direction of our industry association. Take a look at the Eurelectric current Presidency team.

We also have a permanent secretariat of some 30 staff, based in Brussels, which is responsible for the overall organisation and coordination of Eurelectric's activities.

For more details on our structure, take a look at our Statutes (revised June 2014 - available in EN or FR). 

Structure of Expertise