E-quality: Shaping an inclusive energy transition

Shaping an inclusive energy transition

E Quality

We are living in times of unprecedented global challenges being caught between a rock and a hard place: climate change requires our urgent action while rising inequality is affecting more and more communities.

As the EU and national governments set out to implement a range of climate policies, Eurelectric, with the scientific contribution of the Enel Foundation, has decided to answer the following questions:

  • How do these policies affect households with different incomes?
  • What can and should be done to address any disproportionate effects?
  • What is the impact of COVID-19 crisis in this process?

This thorough analysis was conducted by Guidehouse and Cambridge Econometrics.

E-quality: Shaping an inclusive energy transition

E-quality: Shaping an inclusive energy transition

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E Quality Executive Summary

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Magnus Hall

Magnus Hall

President, Eurelectric

"Mitigating the negative social impacts from climate policies is essential to ensure broad support for the energy transition. This new study shows that negative effects can be offset with targeted policies and gives concrete examples of policies that can be considered for this purpose."

Carlo Papa

Carlo Papa

Managing Director, Enel Foundation

"The new normal for all systems is characterised by climate change and rising inequality, lately magnified by the effects of COVID-19 crisis. We need to seize the moment and bounce back stronger thanks to an inclusive energy transition reinforced by a well-balanced package of decarbonisation policies. This study shows that it is certainly possible."

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