The Electrification Alliance

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The Electrification Alliance was formed in June 2017. Our Alliance stands united in our commitment to demonstrate the significant potential of electricity to deliver a climate neutral Europe. The Alliance partners are strong supporters of the Paris Climate Agreement and call for urgent action to achieve its objectives.

The "Powering a climate neutral, competitive and secure Europe" declaration was signed by 110+ partners from civil society and industry.

Call to EU leaders: #EUGreenRecovery to restart Europe


Dear Members of the European, national and local Parliaments,
Dear Presidents, Dear Heads of States and Governments,
Dear Commissioners, Dear Ministers,
Dear leaders of Europe,

The immediate and necessary, yet unprecedented measures currently taken to fight the COVID-19 pandemic have brought Europe’s economy to a near-to-complete standstill. The signatories of this letter represent millions of employees from Europe’s renewable energy and energy efficiency value chains across the electricity, heating, cooling, building and transport sectors as well as supportive associations.

We call on the EU Commission to:

  • Fully integrate the proposed economic stimulus packages and the European Green Deal (as proposed by the European Council last week). Investments in a zero-carbon infrastructure and innovative solutions are the best and most cost-effective route to economic recovery on a national and supranational level while at the same time preparing the grounds for a secure and sustainable energy system.
  • Bring forward the necessary investments for rapid recovery.
  • Use the stimulus packages to accelerate investments in energy efficiency, renewable heating and cooling, electricity, mobility, zero-carbon buildings, and industrial processes.
  • Ensure ongoing supply of clean energy and ongoing investments in energy transition can continue in the current pandemic as essential services.

We stand behind the European Green Deal and urge you to create this link with the immediate stimulus packages. Today’s action addressing health and climate challenges across all policy areas and sectors will improve the well-being of citizens and the climate while strengthening Europe.

COVID-19 has forced the world into an economic pause. Now, you have the power to use the Green Deal to restart Europe and drive its economy with a focus on energy efficiency and renewable energy across all sectors. Such investments are both labour-rich and shovel-ready.

The renewable energy, flexibility and energy efficiency solutions industries are now cost-competitive and can sustain local jobs across Europe. With a strong European manufacturing base, Europe can show world-wide industrial leadership.

We trust you to take the right decisions. Our joint industries and associations are committed to making a green economic recovery a collective success.

Key Deliverables


How much electricity for a
carbon-neutral economy?
How decarbonised
is electricity?
How much wind in
the electricity mix?
How much does
solar electricity cost?
How many jobs
in renewable electricity?
How many EVs
on European roads?
How much
does an EV cost?
How efficient
are heat pumps?
How much savings
from EU taxpayers?
How many taxes
in your electricity bill?
How many more
smart homes?


Giles Dickson

Chief Executive Officer - WindEurope

“WindEurope CEO Giles Dickson said: “Zero-net carbon emissions by 2050 is technically and economically feasible. But only if we get renewables to supply the bulk of our energy demand. They’re one third of electricity today. But electricity is only 24% of our energy. We need to increase that. In particular we need to get more electricity into industrial processes, buildings and transport. They’re still largely powered by fossil fuels. Electrifying these parts of our economies would cut CO2 emissions and save money - because electric vehicles and heating are more energy efficient than fossil fuels.”

Giles Dickson

Frauke Thies

Executive Director - smartEn

“With the energy transition forging ahead in the electricity sector, electrification is the way of allowing transport, heating and industry to equally benefit from the clean energy uptake. But more than that, it allows energy users to participate in the energy sector and provide the very flexibility that is needed to balance the variability of renewable energy output. The smart charging of electric cars or the exploitation of inherent storage potentials in heating systems, for example, allow people and businesses to valorise their flexibility, while keeping the energy system reliable and affordable for everyone.”

Frauke Thies

Philippe Vangeel

Secretary General – AVERE

“We have a shared responsibility to fight climate change to guarantee our youth. Electrification is the best way forward: transport is a priority sector to tackle for decarbonisation, as it is one of the main contributors to CO2 emissions. The electrification of transport is necessary to achieve the objectives of COP21 and those envisioned in the European Commission’s proposed 2050 Long Term Climate Strategy”.

Philippe Vangeel

Laurence Tubiana

CEO – European Climate Fondation

“The Electrification Alliance is delivering a clear signal to European Union decision-makers that they should be confident in committing to net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. Electrification must be the dominant way forward in the clean energy transition – and European businesses are prepared to pave the way. This, hand in hand with the European Green Deal, is a unique opportunity to carve out the EU’s leadership on climate action and decarbonisation on the global stage”.

Laurence Tubiana

Magnus Hall

President of Eurelectric

“Electrification is the most important solution to turn the vision of a fossil-free Europe into reality. We are determined to deliver, but we must be mindful of the different starting points and secure sufficient financing to ensure a fair transition”.

Magnus Hall

Electrification on the move

The 110 signatories

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