DSO Declaration

Marriott Hotel

Some years ago, 2014 was set by EU Member States as the deadline for completing the internal energy market. As this deadline approaches, the Commission is consulting with stakeholders to assess the progress made to date while identifying the missing steps.

In that context, EURELECTRIC organised a DSO focussed event to raise awareness of the specific challenges, priorities and opportunities of the DSO sector.

In a first session, we launched a DSO Declaration elaborating on key DSO topics previously presented to Commissioner Günther Oettinger (in the EURELECTRIC Manifesto). This session addressed the following key questions:

  • What are the new challenges for DSOs?
  • How can DSOs contribute to the EU climate and energy agenda?
  • What is needed for DSOs to play a more active role in the energy transition? 

In a second session, we exchanged views on the new challenges faced by DSO's and explore the questions raised by the European Commission in its consultation on retail energy markets. 

In the third and final session, we debated the EURELECTRIC recommendations on electricity distribution investment needs.  This debate was based on the new EURELECTRIC report, which is to be published on the same day.