Electricity market design: fit for consumers and decarbonisation

Marriott Hotel

The electricity sector is changing drastically: customers are taking control while decarbonisation is progressing at full speed. In this new world, is the design of our electricity market appropriate? Can it deliver on European energy policy goals of decarbonisation, competitiveness and security of supply?

The energy transition is unprecedented and opens for a brand new range of opportunities to innovate and invent new business models. It is thus high time to decide on a future-proof electricity market design that functions with high shares of renewables and an increasing number of prosumers.  The market must integrate all players and provide them with a level playing field – including flexible demand, energy service providers and renewables. This market must ensure that European citizens and businesses get the reliable and competitive electricity supplies they need, with a strengthened regional and ultimately European approach.

As the European Commission prepares its ambitious legislative initiative for the end of this year, this conference is a unique opportunity to hear forward looking views from high-level speakers on these issues. On this occasion, EURELECTRIC will present its proposals to make the electricity market design fit for consumers and for decarbonisation.