#ENERGY4.0 - When Internet Meets Energy

#ENERGY4.0 - When Internet Meets Energy

QEII Centre

The #ENERGY4.0 conference showcased startups which are using digital platforms to revolutionise the way the energy system operates. We examined the latest offerings from companies operating in the peer-to-peer, behind the meter, and electro-mobility spaces.

Confirmed speakers included:

  • Kristian Ruby (Secretary General, EURELECTRIC)
  • Laszlo Varro (Chief Economist, IEA)

Questions to be explored:

  • Who will emerge as the Airbnb or Uber of the energy sector?
  • What services will they offer and how will they deliver them?
  • Can existing energy companies adapt to the new digital economy, or will the relationship with customers be taken over by new players? Can utilities survive through identification and acquisition of disruptors?

It was open to those who want a glimpse into the future of energy systems:

  • Potential disruptors: start-ups, innovation teams from utilities, and established digital companies  entering the energy market, all of whom are working on ‘the next big thing’,
  • Financiers: looking to fund the next Tesla amongst the G-Wizzes, and
  • Utilities: innovation managers who want to know what they’re ‘up against’.