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Eurelectric goes Beyond Digital

On-Line Peer Exchanges

The objective of the Beyond Digital Platform is to facilitate the first professional forum within the power sector focused on unlocking the potential of utilising AI technologies and designing a common vision for the power sector in a post-digital age. The ongoing situation has forced industries to re-think their attitude towards AI technologies. The AI revolution is happening and at a pace faster than anyone anticipated. There is no time to lose. AI driven utility might be a role model amongst all operational business models known to date.

Following the first digital workshop, on 8-9 September, we will hold a members workshop on 29 October and Digitopia event in Brussels on 26 November. The second phase of the project will culminate at Eurelectric Power Summit in Dublin in May 2021.

We invite all AI, digitalisation, big data and innovation experts operating in the power sector to go Beyond Digital with Eurelectric and exchange invaluable experiences among other digital gurus of the energy space. Make sure to download the platform’s overview from here and confirm your interest by sending an email to Marianne Karu at: