Europe's 8th energy region: investing to integrate Europe & ensure security of supply

EURELECTRIC Meeting Centre (6th floor)

The current concern with security of supply is regularly mentioning countries of Europe's South East as most vulnerable. How to address the lack of diversification, dependency, outdated infrastructure, the need for environmental progress: investments?

EURELECTRIC, in cooperation with Energy Community (EnC) sets up a one day workshop to address the investment challenges and options for improvement for 'Europe's Eighth Region'. The latter consists of the ENC member states of South East Europe, but also Ukraine and Moldova. EURELECTRIC runs a dedicated group of experts on Europe's neighbourhood and will use this workshop for presenting a position paper on how to improve the investment climate in this region. The issue is less missing money as suboptimal regulation.

The event touched upon the conclusions of the EnC Ministerial Council that took place in Kiev on 23rd September, and offered the floor to representatives and experts from industry, government, financial institutions, as well as experts from EU and concerned countries.

Pictures of this event available here