The Green eMotion electric rally: A showcase of an interoperable e-mobility system

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The Green eMotion Electric Vehicles Rally to Brussels

A showcase of an interoperable e-mobility system

The EU's flagship e-mobility project, Green eMotion organised for the first time an electric vehicle rally from the Green eMotion demo regions to Brussels. The tour culminated in a high-level conference with Vice-President of the European Commission and Commissioner for Transport, Siim Kallas which took place in Brussels on 18 September.

About six participating demonstration regions drove the tour with electric cars from different European cities into Brussels to showcase how an interoperable system for e-mobility works in practice during the conference as part of the Green eMotion Stakeholder Forum.

The key highlight of the conference was to showcase an interoperability demo with electric vehicles and charging infrastructure from different operators. The demonstration showed how users can easily charge their electric car when roaming from one charging station to another. This was all made possible via the Green eMotion Marketplace, an ICT Infrastructure developed within the project to allow for roaming and clearinghouse services.

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