Air Quality & Domestic Heating

The Egg Conference Centre

Emissions from small scale space and water heating, in particular related to oil, coal and biomass, are an important source of particulate matter (PM) in Europe. Together with households, commercial and institutional buildings have been identified as the source of around 40% of PM10 in the EU-27. They are also an important source of greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions.
The reduction of emissions from those installations is also important because they often have a very long lifetime. There are a number of options to replace the direct use of fossil fuels that mitigate the emissions from small scale residential heating. They include electricity, natural gas and advanced solutions for bioenergy stoves and boilers. Speakers discussed the various solutions available and their benefits for EU air quality and climate change objectives.

The Green Week was the biggest annual conference on European environment policy. The 2013 edition took place from 4 to 7 June at a new venue, The Egg Conference Centre in Brussels. This year's theme was Air quality.

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