Hydropower: A European Asset

Marriott Hotel

Hydropower is the largest renewable energy source (RES) in Europe. It is a highly efficient and competitive electricity generation technology. With its flexible capability to ease imbalances between demand and supply, it is already important to our electricity system today. It will become even more important tomorrow as the share of variable generation from renewables such as wind and sun increases.

Yet despite being a strong European asset, European policymakers do not seem to consider hydropower a strategic technology. EURELECTRIC feels that hydropower's promising and multifunctional role as an enabler of the energy transition is insufficiently understood.

The EURELECTRIC conference "Hydropower: a European asset" therefore set the stage on this key topic. Which regulatory framework is needed? What can be done to raise the profile of hydropower in Europe? Join us for a stimulating debate with high-level representatives from the European institutions and industry.