Hydropower - supporting a power system in transition

Renaissance Hotel

European countries have committed to gradually reducing greenhouse gas emissions whilst ensuring an affordable and secure supply of energy for European consumers. In this context, the power sector will have to deliver a particularly high share of the decarbonisation effort. Renewable energy sources – including ‘newcomers’ wind and solar as well as well-tested renewables like hydropower – will play a central role in providing a competitive, affordable, sustainable, safe and secure supply of electricity in the future.

Hydropower already delivers an important contribution to achieving Europe’s targets. Its role will become even more central as the European energy system changes: as the share of wind and solar grows, hydropower will support the transition to the future power system by meeting the demand for greater flexibility and system stability.

This EURELECTRIC conference will give an overview of the macroeconomic potential and the benefits of hydropower in Europe, exploring its contribution to flexible and stable power generation in the light of the Energy Union. It will also highlight some of the challenges and drivers for change in the sector: How can hydropower remain competitive? What policy measures are needed? etc.

Join us for a stimulating debate with high-level representatives from the European institutions and industry.