Power Statistics & Trends 2013

MEP Salon - European Parliament

Along with representatives of EURELECTRIC and EUROSTAT, MEP Romana Jordan invited the registered participants to attend this important debate of views on power prices and trends.

Power Statistics and Trends presents a comprehensive analysis of the European electricity sector, based on up- to- date data and  2030 forecasts from 33 EURELECTRIC member countries.

It provides an overview of the most significant developments shaping the present and future of the European electricity sector, most notably household and industrial electricity bills.

This lunch debate took place at the European Parliament for an overview of the latest trends presented by EURELECTRIC Secretary General Hans Ten Berge and his team, followed by a discussion with Members of the European Parliament and Eurostat power prices expert John Görten.

Power Statistics and Trends 2013 highlights insights on demand stagnation, subsidy driven renewable energy capacity additions, the intensified gas to coal switch and stationary emissions. The report also provides an analysis of policy divergences within the EU and of major trends in the Energy Community.