Smart Charging: steering the charge, driving the change

EURELECTRIC Meeting Centre (6th floor)

The next Talking Smart Grid workshop will be dedicated to the potential of smart charging for electric vehicles.

Electric vehicles can disturb the power system in a major way, adding additional peaks to the already observed variable renewables peaks. But, if used smartly, they hold a great promise to making the system more fit for the future – as storage, flexible demand conducive to renewables integration and grid support. The answer to the negative and the positive scenario is the same: smart charging.

In addition to delivering benefits for the power system, smart charging also helps to achieve a more sustainable, low-carbon transport. Electric vehicles are cleaner, quieter and two to three times more energy efficient compared to conventional cars. Equally important, it adds value to the customer by maximising convenience of recharge and reducing costs.

Together, we will dig into these challenges and explain the benefits of smart charging through its potential ranging from the power system, customers to society.

We will further analyse the remaining challenges to exploiting the smart charging innovation potential, the measures that can encourage further uptake and the necessary policies to remove obstacles .

EURELECTRIC will present its new report on smart charging and will gather first reactions from EU policymakers, electricity and automotive industry as well as consumer bodies.

Finally we will have a look at the results of specific EU funded projects on smart charging and e-mobility.

“Talking Smart Grids” initiative

Smart grids are not a stable and concrete object or target, but rather a vision for the future which is constantly evolving.

“Talking Smart Grid workshops” gather exerts to bring flesh to this vision. Speakers and participants share experiences on technological progress and discuss policy needs for further smart grid uptake.

We believe that they are particularly valuable for smart grid project promoters, researchers, DSO experts, manufacturers and European institution representatives who have built up advanced expertise in the field of smart grids.

The International Energy Agency is EURELECTRIC “cooperating partner” for these workshops since November 2014. This means that participants to “Talking Smart Grids” workshops have access to highly valuable input from IEA delegates which contribute to building the workshops’ agenda and discussions.