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System resilience & extreme weather

11:00 - 12:00 Online webinar

Long-term metrological predictions for Europe foresee an increase in average temperatures with warmer summers, more heatwaves, fewer cold spells and an increase in the number of severe storms.  This summer alone we have seen Storm Francis hit Ireland and the UK, Hurricane Laura in the US, not to mention the Californian wildfires.  Europe needs to brace itself for more such extreme events.

Our moderator Paddy Hayes, Managing Director of ESB Networks and co-chair of the DSO-TSO Platform will together with our high-level panelists explore this topic and discuss what regulatory measures are needed to enhance Europe’s preparedness.
Next week’s webinar will discuss the following questions:

  • How will resilience play an increasing role in the performance of the power sector (for both networks and generation)?
  • What can the power sector do to build and maintain secure infrastructure to withstand these extreme weather events?
  • How can the EU can respond to this challenge with regulatory measures?


Confirmed speakers include: