The Winter [Package] is Coming: Getting the Energy Union Right

Renaissance Hotel

In anticipation of the upcoming Winter Package, EURELECTRIC held a high-level conference to discuss the strategic options that lay ahead in achieving the Energy Union.  The event considered the various proposals and documents from the European Commission that are expected to feature in the upcoming Winter Package, including specifically the Energy Union governance, the review of the Renewables Directive, the new deal for electricity consumers, ensuring an active role for DSOs as well as aspects relating to wholesale market integration, security of supply and network tariffs.

The development of a holistic governance system which provides for a coherent approach is essential to achieve the 2030 climate and energy framework and Europe’s broader Energy Union policy objectives.  The governance system should ensure that Europe proceeds towards the agreed 2030 climate and energy targets without compromising security of supply, competitiveness, and sustainability. The costs for European customers should remain affordable. EU targets and policy objectives should be handled in a manner consistent with the development of a more integrated European energy market.

This EURELECTRIC conference provided an opportunity for leading industry representatives and policymakers to exchange views on crucial aspects relating to the design and development of the Energy Union. Discussions focused on how to place customers at the centre of the Energy Union, developing regional approaches towards building Europe’s Single Energy Market, and the key elements of developing a governance system of the Energy Union.

During the conference, EURELECTRIC also officially launched its Winter Package Solutions publication. This document brings together the European power sector’s key principles and proposals for concrete action with regard to the upcoming set of legislative proposals and other documents that will comprise the Winter Package.