Unlocking investments in the downstream market - a market framework

Committee of the Regions

This event will present EURELECTRIC's ideas on downstream market design in the framework of the EU energy & climate policy.

Developments in the downstream energy market are crucial to achieve the EU policy objectives of sustainability, competitiveness and security of supply. Such objectives can be a reached in a more cost-effective way if customers (citizens) are better involved in the energy transition which is bringing sweeping change to the traditional way the energy system is managed. The session will deep-dive on some of the emerging downstream market services including distributed generation and storage, energy efficiency services or electro-mobility.

In the run up to the European Commission publication of guidance on self-generation and retail market functioning, the event will offer EU policymakers an updated industry view on the main challenges happening downstream the value chain, close to customers, and how this can contribute to achieving the EU 2020/2030 target around sustainability in a cost-effective manner.