Don’t Cut Budget For EU Energy Infrastructure, EU Power Sector Tells Policymakers

News Article

EURELECTRIC, together with associations EWEA and Europacable, has called on European policymakers to safeguard the € 9.1bn budget proposal for energy infrastructure, as foreseen in the proposed Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) for 2014-2020. In a letter sent to policymakers ahead of next week's informal meeting of energy ministers in Cyprus, the three associations argue that the proposed amount "is crucial for Europe's recovery and continued growth, and to meet the EU's 2020 renewable energy target and longer-term decarbonisation goals."

In addition, the envisaged € 9.1bn for energy should include significant funds earmarked for electricity projects, reflecting the fact that total investment needs for electricity infrastructure up to 2020 are estimated to be double those for gas. Electricity projects that could particularly benefit from the CEF include the Northern Seas Offshore Grid, the Baltic interconnection plan and North-South interconnections, smart grids as well as future high-voltage 'Electricity Highways'.

The full letter can be read here.