Electrification Alliance calls for accelerated energy transition

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Today, members of the Electrification Alliance are calling upon the European Commission and the Spitzenkandidaten to firmly acknowledge the role of electrification for EU’s decarbonisation.

We regret to see that Council is slowing down the process on the adoption of the Long-term Strategy. Today, the Heads of State will only provide general guidance on the overall direction and political priorities. The original expectation to have a decision formed in May at the Sibiu Council is abandoned. At the best now a decision could happen at the end of the year.

Through the Electrification Alliance, our businesses alert the next generation of policymakers on the need to accelerate the transition. National governments and the next Commission must cast in stone that electrification is the backbone of a decarbonised society and that policies must fall in place to unveil all its potential. To get there, the Commission should explore the possibility to establish a structure equivalent to the Energy Union, coordinating all climate related actions across the EU economy in a transversal and integrated manner.

Read here the letter addressed to the Spitzenkandidaten and to the European Commission.