Employers of Public Services in Europe call on EU policy-makers to “think the future”

Press Release

In a joint declaration prepared in view of the Tripartite Social Summit of 18 October, partners of the Public Services Employers’ Forum (PSEF) have highlighted the need for EU policy-makers to “think the future”.

The declaration puts forward several suggestions structured around three key messages that address major challenges for Europe’s future:

Adopt a long-term view while planning the future;- Adopt measures to mitigate the effects of demographic and human resources change, especially in view of the high number of employees leaving the labour market in the next few years;- Ensure that Public Services Obligations are respected by public authorities all over Europe.

Looking at the macro-economic framework, partners of the PSEF urged that the necessary recovery of economic fundamentals should not take place to the detriment of essential investments. Budgets for public services should be viewed with great care as their direct and indirect contribution to the economy has an important impact for Europe's future infrastructure and investment. Austerity programmes may indeed be necessary in some circumstances, but they should remove inefficiencies or inessentials rather than damage the ability to provide essential services effectively and sustainably.

Public services contribute more than 26% to the EU GDP and employ around 64 million people, corresponding to around 30% of the EU workforce. The services provided are essential for Europe’s economic, social and territorial cohesion.

Signatories to the declaration include: CEEP – European Centre of Employers and Enterprises providing Public Services, EURELECTRIC – Union of the Electricity Industry, HOSPEEM – European Hospital and Healthcare Employers’ Association, EFEE – European Federation of Education Employers, CER – The Community of European Railway and Infrastructure Companies, CEMR – Council of European Municipalities and Regions, UITP – International Association of Public Transport.


Press release available here.

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