Enefgy joins Eurelectric as Business Associate Member

News Article

This new partnership is a win-win for Eurelectric and Enefgy. The membership will allow the two organisations to exchange on how concrete energy saving services and solutions can – and will – contribute to transforming the energy system in line with Eurelectric’s Vision.   

Upon joining Eurelectric, Antonio Arce, Member of the Board of Enefgy and Managing Director said: “Eurelectric’s expertise in customer matters will be a tremendous resource for our company. We wanted to partner up with an organisation that understood that customers require competitive energy pricing and an enlarged scope of services at increasing quality levels. We know that Eurelectric shares our commitment to customers and we are excited to be members of this organisation.”

Enefgy was founded in February 2008. It focuses on analysing energy consumption using state-of-the-art technology at different levels (i.e industrial / retail...) and communicates the results in an attractive, action-oriented, way using analytical and big data tools combined with a psychological approach to influence how the users understand, and are able to optimise their energy consumption.