EURELECTRIC statement on review of Energy Efficiency legislation

News Article

In anticipation of the upcoming proposals to review European Energy Efficiency legislation, EURELECTRIC has issued a statement in which it defines a number of key issues and recommendations. The statement focuses on concrete measures and proposals which should be implemented in the upcoming revision of the Energy Efficiency Directive.

In particular the statement calls for the European Commission to propose an ambitious but cost-efficient indicative Energy Efficiency target for 2030. Any increase beyond 27% must be supported by a robust and comprehensive impact assessment which indicates in a transparent manner the reasons for the selected target level.

EURELECTRIC also calls for the upcoming review of the EU’s Energy Efficiency legislation to ensure that sufficient flexibility for Member States is maintained to address their individual challenges. This relates, on the one hand, to the way that Member States have to set and meet the target either in terms of primary or final energy consumption, but it also relates to the specifics of Article 7 of the Energy Efficiency Directive regarding final energy end use savings.