EURELECTRIC statement on Ukraine and security of supply

News Article

The current developments in Ukraine have raised concerns regarding continued gas supply to Ukraine and to the EU. EU energy ministers, for instance, are meeting informally to discuss the situation tomorrow.

Approximately 30% of EU natural gas imports come from Russia, with half of that transiting through Ukraine. However, only 16% of electricity generation is gas fired, and only about 5% of electricity generation is based on gas from Russia.

EURELECTRIC believes that the best response to this crisis can be found in some of the current policies and the proposals recently presented by the European Commission.

First of all, investment in cross-border interconnectors would accelerate progress made towards the Internal Energy Market (IEM) so far. Completion of the IEM provides the most efficient solution to manage interruptions to primary energy supplies, including gas, and avoids the risk of national initiatives that act in the opposite direction.

Second, the 2030 proposals include an EU-wide target of 40% CO2 reduction, thereby driving cost-efficient renewables growth and ambitious energy efficiency policies. As such, they go in the right direction to deliver electrification, which can broadly improve Europe's energy security by a sustainable, innovative and efficient energy use across all sectors, including heating/cooling and transport.

The European electricity industry therefore urges the EU - and EU member states - not to use this issue as an argument to introduce new initiatives or make fundamental changes to the EU's energy policy. Instead, policymakers looking to ensure security of supply and optimise gas availability in Europe should fully implement existing legislation - in particular the provisions of the gas security Regulation - in the short term, while continuing to pursue the 2030 energy policy agenda that was proposed earlier this year.