Eurelectric welcomes EU Commission’s endeavours for a Clean Planet for all

Press Release

The European Commission published today its strategy for ensuring a Clean Planet for all. Eurelectric welcomes this long-term climate and energy strategy, which clearly shows the central role of electrification as the foundation for any deep decarbonisation efforts. The European power sector stands ready to support the societal endeavours for tackling climate change.

In particular, Eurelectric welcomes that electricity is considered the key energy carrier for decarbonising transport, buildings and other industry in a smart and efficient way. The Commissions’ long term strategy finds that clean electricity must cover at least 53% of the final EU energy demand to fulfil the Paris commitments.

“Accelerating the decarbonisation of electricity while expanding the use of energy carrier will require increased investments. Clear long-term signals will therefore be required to ensure investor confidence” – said Kristian Ruby, Secretary General of Eurelectric.

Decarbonisation pathways, a study released by Eurelectric this Monday, shows that more than 50% of Europe's electricity supply is carbon free and full carbon neutrality can be achieved by 2045 at costs lower than previously estimated. The study further outlines that by 2050, more than 80% of electricity will come from renewables which need to be paired with flexibility sources – such as demand response and batteries - to balance the system. Adequate market-based frameworks and market designs play also an essential role in triggering the investments needed for a high-renewables based system.