EURELECTRIC welcomes Parliament’s go-ahead for back-loading; structural reforms of EU ETS should be next

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The European Parliament today endorsed a proposal to temporarily remove emissions certificates from the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS), the so-called 'back-loading'. Welcoming the decision, EURELECTRIC Secretary General Hans ten Berge made the following comments:

"The European electricity industry welcomes the decision by the European Parliament to approve the proposed back-loading of emission allowances, following the recommendation made by the Parliament's Environment Committee.

"This is a reassuring signal for industry and international observers - many of whom have recently adopted their own emissions trading schemes - that the EU remains committed to decarbonising Europe's economy in the most cost-efficient way.

"The European power sector has consistently spoken out in favour of a strong ETS as the key driver of emissions reduction in Europe. We continue to believe that a strong ETS, bolstered by an economy-wide 2030 emissions reduction target of at least 40%, is the best way forward to achieve a decarbonised economy by 2050.

"Today's positive vote is a much needed step in the right direction, but it is nevertheless only a first step. We urge the Commission to continue down this path of strengthening the ETS in the long run by proposing more significant structural reforms. Such reforms should include revising the ETS annual linear reduction factor in the range of 2.3% and extending the scope of the ETS to other sectors of the economy."