GE and EURELECTRIC Partner to Help Decarbonize Europe through Ecomagination Challenge

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BERLIN  May 22, 2017.  GE and EURELECTRIC announced today that the companies will host the Ecomagination Challenge hackathon in Berlin, June 12-13. This event brings together developers – some of Europe’s most innovative thinkers – to build digital solutions to help decarbonize energy and transportation in Europe.  The hackathon will run as part of GE’s Industrial Internet event Minds + Machines Europe, June 13-14 in Berlin.

The energy sector in Europe is poised for decarbonization from electrification, including electric vehicles, renewable energy integration, and changes in building power usage.  Electrification is a winning strategy for Europe, adding value to the lives of citizens and meeting commitments to the Paris Climate Agreement.  A recent Energy Transition Commission study notes approximately 10-20% of fossil fuel use could be eliminated through electrification by 2040.  

The transportation sector is also seeing advances in manufacturing, enabling greater efficiencies including the fabrication of new complex lightweight aircraft components. These disruptions lead to less fuel consumption, and ultimately decarbonization. Digital solutions can accelerate these trends by leveraging industrial data to drive greater visibility and optimization throughout the grid and manufacturing processes.

The Ecomagination Challenge will provide participants with data and challenge statements from EURELECTRIC and industry collaborators and invites them to use GE’s Predix platform to develop solutions for decarbonizing the electric grid and advanced manufacturing for transportation. Prizes total 50,000 euros and will be awarded during Minds + Machines Europe, which showcases digital industrial transformation and engages developers, thought leaders and luminaries from across the globe.

 “Collaboration is key to solving big environmental challenges,” notes Deb Frodl, Global Leader of GE Ecomagination. “The hackathon is an exciting, fast-paced, event that is sure to generate new ideas and applications that are potential game changers for Europe’s electricity grid and advanced manufacturing. The time is now to develop solutions that ultimately lead to decarbonization and a better environment for all.”

 “Electricity is the number one energy carrier of the energy transition and new digital solutions are a critical enabler for increased use of electricity in heating, industry and transport. EURELECTRIC is pleased to partner with GE to drive innovation.” Kristian Ruby, Secretary General EURELECTRIC

To register for the hackathon or for more information can be found at the Minds + Machines website.


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The Union of the Electricity Industry, EURELECTRIC, is the sector association representing the common interests of the electricity industry at pan-European level. EURELECTRIC represents 3500 companies across Europe with an aggregate turnover of €200 bln. It covers all major issues affecting the sector, from electricity generation and markets, to distribution networks, customers, as well as environment and sustainability issues.

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