Eurelectric’s Leading the Charge recognised as the best membership campaign

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Best Membership Campaign Winner

We are proud to announce that Eurelectric has received the International & European Association Award 2020 for the Best Membership Campaign - “Leading the Charge”.

The award is given by the Association of Association Executives and the judges come from a range of International & European associations, societies and federations at Executive Director and Head of Department level, as well as a selection of other experts.

They praised the well thought out campaign & apt campaign name, as well as a very high quality of materials and performance in terms of exceeding the expectations on the indicators.

Leading the Charge campaign explores how Europe’s power industry is accelerating its march towards clean and sustainable energy. At the heart of this series is the vision for a continent powered by clean electricity, with a goal to fully decarbonise well before 2050.

This campaign became the "campaign of the year" for Eurelectric in 2019 and was built on a close collaboration with the members and promoting their outstanding work. Our innovative approach revolved around three principles: storytelling, community and data-driven advocacy.

Filmed across 14 countries, the series consists of 18 videos, which in a clear narrative share stories of innovation, reinvention and leadership. On 20 May 2019, we launched the series on the occasion of the annual Power Summit, attended by some 500 top executives, and kick-started the joint campaign with the BBC.

On 6 November 2019, we have joined forces with over 100 business and civil society organisations to call for a substantial push in the uptake of clean and decarbonised electricity. Launching a joint Declaration in the presence of multiple EU officials and chief executives, we demonstrated the need to step up a gear on electrification as Europe was discussing the Green Deal. On this occasion we have interviewed several leaders of the EU associations forming the Electrification Alliance, who confirmed in unison that electricity has the power to decarbonise the world.

The wider public discovered it through a social media campaign on Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. We have promoted the series on our social media channels and teamed up with our members around the hashtag #LeadingtheCharge. A targeted approach towards high-level EU policymakers, national government bodies and ministries, CEOs of energy companies, stakeholders (both from energy industry and other sectors), thought leaders and consumers has been adopted.

You can revisit the series here.