Moving on: Eurelectric applauds the ENVI ambition

News Article

This Monday, the ENVI committee made critical steps on CO2 standards for cars and vans.

“Yesterday’s vote on CO2 standards for cars & vans is good news. It is ambitious, yet realistic and can pave the way for a profound paradigm shift in the transport sector. It should now get the backing of the entire Parliament”, said Kristian Ruby.

Europe inspires. Its policies foster improvements in the living conditions of citizens within and beyond the EU borders. Thereupon, Eurelectric urges EU policy-makers to break the seal of a much awaited paradigm shift. Today, the transport sector is responsible for a quarter of the total EU emissions. But the solution is at hand: higher shares of electric vehicles, powered by clean power sources, are key to achieve a carbon neutral society within a generation.

CO2 standards for cars and vans are the main instrument to drive sustainable investment into transport. Eurelectric is pleased to see that ENVI MEPs adopted:

  • A 45% binding CO2 reduction targets for 2030 (with a 2025 landmark of 20%)
  • A 20% enforceable sales benchmark on zero- and low-emission vehicles.

Such a forceful decision on transport will also bring about some important additional benefits in substantially improving the quality of the air we breathe in our cities and in diminishing noise levels. Last but not least, it carries an opportunity to create more than 200.000 jobs by 2030.

Accessing these benefits will only be possible if the proposal as such is endorsed by the European Parliament this October.