Power Summit 2022 Day 2 Wrap Up

Climate and biodiversity, a joint response

At Day 2 of the Power Summit, Eurelectric released a landmark report, Power Plant, on the linked climate and biodiversity crises and the crucial role of our sector in responding to both.

Already 81% of EU habitats are severely deteriorated and by mid-century climate change will become the leading driver of ecological decay. Consulting with civil society and academia, Power Plant shows that another future is possible. Integrated renewable energy projects promise not only to reduce emissions but aso to restore their local ecosystems.

Read our report and case studies here.


A new approach

Working with internationally acclaimed firm EFFEKT, Power Plant also sought to visualise what this new approach would mean for renewable projects.

Today's experts in their own words

"Europe's a pioneer in conservation policy. The world is looking to Europe & Europe is exporting its ideas to the world"  - Marianne Kleiberg, Regional Director, The Nature Conservancy

"We are tripling to quadrupling our installation rates ... So we cant have five year cycles for a new wind turbine" -  Patrick Graichen, State Secretary for Economic Affairs and Climate Action

"Most consumers want to commit to net-zero, flexibility markets are participative, they enable people to contribute to this process"  - Sabine Erlinghagen, CEO Grid Software, Siemens

"More and more the conversation is going from no impact to net-impact and companies are willing to invest in biodiversity" - Miguel Stilwell de Andrade, CEO, EDP

"It is the end of European energy naivety, we can not talk about energy and politics as different things" - Maxim Timchenko, CEO, DTEK


Electrification Alliance celebrates 5th anniversary

Today marked the 5th anniversary of the Electrification Alliance, an alliance of European associations that firmly believes electrification is the future of Europe's energy system. Since its inception the Alliance has pushed for a switch away from fossil fuels and towards clean electricity in transport, industry, buildings, and heating and cooling.

Association leaders came together on Day 2 of the Power Summit to congratulate the Alliance on the progress made so far but also on the importance of making sure electrification stays at the centre of the agenda in Brussels.


Session summaries


Sitting down with our sponsors

With the Power Summit ending on a high note, we spoke with Siemens Smart Infrastructure CEO for Grid Software, Sabine Erlinghagen, to ask her what message really hit home at this year’s conference.

How did it feel to take part in a physical Power Summit this year?

It was great to take part in the Power Summit and meet people in person again.

What was your favourite takeaway from your panel on the expanding role of DSOs?  

We have to define the rules of the game now in order to set up proper legislation to enable flexibility market mechanisms, to increase the hosting capacity of DERs in the grids while keeping the networks stable, and to accelerate the path towards net zero.

With this year’s Power Summit coming to an end, is there one particular message that will stay with you?

We need to do everything we can in order to tackle the climate crisis. The power grid is at the heart of a sustainable energy system, and gatherings like this are extremely important for joining forces because nobody can do this alone.