The Electrification Alliance publishes paper on Mobility Package

News Article

The Electrification Alliance Partners join forces and publish their views on the Mobility Package asking for more ambitious measures in this field.

Transport is the only sector in Europe in which emissions have increased in the last decades. Today, transport emissions are nearly 20% higher than in 1990[1], while European transport needs are expected to grow significantly until 2050[2]. Without ambitious action, transport is set to be the biggest GHG emitter in Europe by 2030. In parallel, from 1990 till 2015, the carbon intensity of electricity in Europe decreased by more than 33%[3] and is on track to complete carbon-neutrality well before 2050.

The Alliance Partners believe that the Mobility Package plays a crucial role in paving the way for the decarbonisation of the transport sector and see electrification of transport as one pivotal step in this direction. Beyond decarbonisation, there are substantial energy system efficiencies to be unlocked through smart and efficient electrification of this sector, such as energy efficiency and enabling the take-up of more renewables, the costs of which continue to decrease significantly.

The Alliance calls therefore on the Council and Parliament to ensure a fair recognition of the benefits of electrification of transport. To read our specific items of interest, please click HERE.

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[2] From 2010 – 2020, passenger transport is expected to increase by 42%, and freight transport by 60%. See: European Commission: Europe on the Move Fact Sheet:

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