United for Türkiye: aid needed in response to earthquakes

News Article

On 6 February two devastating earthquakes of 7.8 and 7.5 on the Richter scale struck southern Türkiye and northern Syria. The death toll has already surged passed 30,000 across both countries. Hundreds of thousands of survivors have been left homeless in the middle of winter following the destruction of over 6,000 buildings in Türkiye alone.

Critical energy infrastructure has also been wracked by the disaster, with the power supply cut for 1 million people in the immediate aftermath.

Enerjisa, a Turkish power grid operator, reported that 2,500 transformers were knocked out of operation and that 1 million people were cut off in the immediate aftermath of the earthquakes. This figure has dropped significantly following repair work but there is still a need for international support.

In response, the government in Türkiye has declared a level 4 state of emergency and officially requested international assistance.

Eurelectric expresses its deepest condolences to both countries & Associate Member, TÜRKİYE ELEKTRİK SANAYİ BİRLİĞİ during these difficult times. The association is actively working with its membership to provide support with financial or material assistance. Members wishing to contribute to this solidarity effort can do so via the Ministry of Interior’s Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency.

Their official campaign site is available here.