Turkey’s Green Taxonomy explained: read the book!

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TESAB has recently published a first-of-a-kind book on the “Analysis of the Turkish Electricity Sector and Global Examples under the EU Taxonomy Legislation”. The book was written with the contribution of 19 Eurelectric Türkiye Working Group members. Starting with the simple question: “What is the EU Green taxonomy?”, it discusses legislations and activities under the framework of taxonomy for non-EU countries.

The European Union taxonomy is a legislative framework to be followed across sectors by governments, financial institutions, investors and users in the coming years. Since the design of the Green Taxonomy, as part of the European Green Deal, many EU countries have started to create their own framework to comply with the new rules. Türkiye, as a close EU trade partner has also committed to align to the EU legislative framework for sustainable finance.

The book, currently available in Turkish, is divided in seven chapters covering a wide array of topics such as the green transition, renewable energy sources, EU Green Deal and a platform for sustainable finance. A strong focus is given to the scope of the taxonomy followed by an analysis of several energy sources under the legislation, and of the implementation in different countries.

The overall aim of the book is to guide Turkey toward the energy transition and incentivise future studies on this topic in the country.